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Quicklock Ultra

(Steel Rat Bait Station)

Designed for prominent places, the Quicklock Ultra features a small footprint yet has big internal capacity thanks to an all new and improved compact stainless steel locking mechanism which is also designed to be unaffected by high levels of dirt and debris within the box. It accommodates break back traps, block and loose bait, a heavy gauge removable lid and lift out plastic bait liners to aid servicing.

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The Station can either be fixed direct to the floor through holes in the base, secured direct to a wall using a fixing bracket or secured with a ground stake. Quicklock Ultra uses the new Versa Key which will operate any Quicklock product (Quicklock Ultra steel rat bait station, Quicklock Durabait plastic rat bait station & Quicklock Microbait plastic mouse bait station).

  • Available in black or green.
  • Removable lid to aid servicing
  • Can be checked in under 10 seconds
  • Versa key fits all Quicklock products
  • Measures approx. 280 x 190 x 115mm LxWxH
  • Weighs approx. 2.1kg
  • Supplied in Cases of 8 complete with 1 Versa key
  • Made in the UK